The band Clube do Balanço got samba rock back into the scene , a truly Brazilian rhythm born in São Paulo’s suburbs where one can find out some hidden treasures being samba rock one of them. Originated in the 60’s at the parties thrown in the afro-brazilian ghettos that have in fact been going on up to today packed with top afro-american music tunes played by Dj’s in vinyl tunes. At those parties one can listen to Ray Charles hits as well as Wes Montgomery jazz music or even a version of bossa nova played by an unknown band of the 60’s. There’s only one rule: music has to move people to dance samba-rock a dance brought up in São Paulo.

Clube do Balanço was formed in 1999 putting together musicians who admire samba rock. At the beginning they joined up just to play live music at a party rather than having a DJ playing . The place chosen for it was a community venue at the city’s outskirts . It took up right away and invitations to play in Vila Madelena, a bohemian district in town, started to come in. In a short time hundreds of people jumped on the bandwagon and new generations that had never heard of it are now lining up to see the band at the venues where Clube do Balanço plays the old good tune: samba rock.

It’s been 12 years touring around Brazil , 15 countries in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Moscow, Singapore and China for a band that simply joined up for one single party. They keep playing at he same parties that had inspired them to form a band and their Cd’s are played along with other samba rock classic tunes.

The group consists of Marco Mattoli, (vocals and guitar), Edu Salmaso (drums), Fred Prince (percussion), Fumaça (percussion), Tiquinho (trombone), Marcelo Maita (keyboard) e Gringo Pirrongeli (bass), Reginaldo Gomes (trompet) e Tereza Gama (vocals). They have played live and recorded along with some of the great names of pop Brazilian musicians such as Jorge Ben, Wilson Simonal, Jair Rodrigues, Antonio Carlos & Jocafi, Originais do Samba, Zé Rodrix, Branca de Neve, among others.

Their first album, “Swing & Samba Rock”, was released in 2001 gathering renowned artists such as Marku Ribas, Erasmo Carlos, Luis Vagner, Bebeto singing along with the new generation of artists influenced by samba rock , Seu Jorge, Wilson Simonal’s children – Max de Castro and Simoninha. Reviews from specialized critics started considering them as a “hearing encyclopedia” featuring the best of national swing from the 60’s and 70’s.

Three years have gone by after having played nationwide they felt the need to record a Cd without special guests and more authorial. Then the group released its second Cd “Samba Incrementado”. The tune, “Saudades da Preta”, by Marco Mattoli became a hit as well as a remake of “Zula” an unknown song by Jorge Ben. In 2009 Clube do Balanço recorded their third album, “Pela Contramão”, this time the band expanded the frontiers that made their success mixing it with jazz, soul and samba rock sounding much more authorial hence showing more maturity and sophistication.

Clube do Balanço has brought samba rock to century 21st and introduced it to the world. Haven’t you heard them yet? So check the 3 albums out!!!

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